• Recommendations for a radically secure ISA in CARRV2020

    Details PDF

  • 2019

  • A case against indirect jumps for secure programs in SSPREW2019

    Details PDF

  • Electromagnetic fault injection against a System-on-Chip, toward new micro-architectural fault models in arXiv:1910.11566

    Details PDF

  • 2018

  • Hardware-Assisted Program Execution Integrity: HAPEI in NordSec2018

    Details PDF

  • When fault injection collides with hardware complexity in FPS2018


  • Let’s shock our IoT’s heart: ARMv7-M under (fault) attacks in ARES2018

    Details PDF

  • Vérifier un code PIN in MISC97

    Details PDF

  • Attaques par fautes in MISC96

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  • 2017

  • How TrustZone could be bypassed: Side-Channel Attacks on a modern System-on-Chip in WISTP2017

    Details PDF

  • 2016

  • A Multi-Round Side Channel Attack on AES using Belief Propagation in FPS2016

    Details PDF Slides

  • High-performance Elliptic Curve Cryptography by Using the CIOS Method for Modular Multiplication in CRiSIS2016

    Details PDF Slides

  • A template attack against VERIFY PIN algorithms in SECRYPT2016

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  • 2014

  • On the security of pairing implementations in PhD Thesis

    Details PDF

  • Practical Validation of Several Fault Attacks against the Miller Algorithm in FDTC2014

    Details PDF Slides

  • 2013

  • Inverting the Final Exponentiation of Tate Pairings on Ordinary Elliptic Curves Using Faults in CHES2013

    Details PDF

  • 2012

  • A DFA on AES based on the entropy of error distributions in FDTC2012

    Details PDF

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Sparkbench is a tool to perform physical attacks. It will orchestrate the apparatus and data retrieval. With automatic error recovery.


The data (code, docs, …) for the INRIA Faustine platform for Electromagnetic fault injection


A wrapper library to access the pcsc lib from the rust language